Upcoming Unit Activities

  • Unit Rep’s Message — Unit Rep is Karen Brooks and the Deputy Unit Rep is Jay Hansen.  The quarterly unit meeting will be followed by dinner in the MV Bar & Grill for those who want to eat afterwards.  Watch your email when these meetings are resumed the second half of 2021.
  • Roster updated  Nov 3
  • Bulletin Board 
  • Beginning Oct 25th the walking group will meet on Mondays & Fridays at 7:30 am at DesertView. Come join us as it is a great way to wake up and get your blood flowing!
  • New Residents —
       Rick & Connie Smith — 61873 Border Rock

    Welcome to Unit 48 where "Life is Great in 48!"

  • Jan 15 — "Souper Supper” Meet Your Neighbor (MYN) event — POSTPONED. This is a popular get together where we enjoy delicious homemade soups and stews from about 10 volunteers. The fee is $7.50/person unless you bring a crockpot of soup or stew to share. All those coming to enjoy this delicious meal, please drop off your payment at Karen’s front door. The Social Committee will provide the green salad, rolls/butter, desserts, coffee and water. When you RSVP to Karen Brooks, please let her know what type of soup/stew you will make so that we can ensure we don’t have duplicates.  
       When: Sat., Jan 15 at 5:30pm at the HOA1 Activity Center
    RSVP by Monday Jan 10th to Karen Brooks (kabrooksie@gmail.com) and drop off your payment.

COVID booster vaccine is available through Desert Life Pharmacy here in SaddleBrooke.  To book your appointment visit their website https://desertlifepharmacy.com

Help support Senior Village at SaddleBrooke when you shop from home on Amazon! The “Amazon Smile” program rebates ½ of one percent of the on-line purchase price for all qualified purchases to designated beneficiaries like Senior Village. During the last 12 months, that equates to $500 in additional income for the Village to help our SaddleBrooke neighbors with transportation and home services.There is no special registration for purchasers. Here’s how to direct your rebate to the Village:
- Go to the Senior Village website: 
- Scroll down and open “Patrons and Village Friends”
- Scroll down to “Amazon Smile” Click on the link and designate Senior Village at SaddleBrooke as your “Smile” charity. Easy!
- At that point, you can start shopping as you usually do on Amazon
- Once the purchase is completed, the rebate is sent directly to Senior Village at SaddleBrooke. 

As distance shopping and home delivery continue to increase in popularity, this is a no-hassle way to benefit the Village’s “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” programs.  
Thank you, Ed Kula Unit 43, Senior Village Treasurer

Voluntary Golf Cart Registration started November 1, 2019. Golf carts seem to have a way of going off on their own or being in accidents. Potentially recover your wandering golf cart quicker by using this volunteer program. Click here for details. and here for the registration form.



From our Neighbors at HOA #1:

HOA #2 New Member Card: Please keep your current member card until further notice, especially if you are a golfer. If you have not registered for your new cards, please call 818-1000 to schedule an appointment. All appointments are in the Administration office. If you are homebound and cannot come to the office, please contact Adele Allyn at 879-4154 or Diane Flores at 879-4152 for an in-home visit

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