Unit Rep Message

Message from your Unit Rep, Karen Brooks —


Neighbors - I hope none of these issues are new to us.
“ATTENTION” SaddleBrooke Residents.  It has become apparent that some residents don’t understand that traffic rules and regulations apply when operating Golf Carts or bicycles.  The SaddleBrooke Two Patrol has had many complaints and close calls about those who are not abiding by the laws.
SaddleBrooke Two Patrol is operating 24/7 to keep this Community a safe and friendly place to live.  We need your help in this matter.  Please try your best to obey the traffic laws when operating such vehicles.  The Patrol will be monitoring heavily in this area.  We will stop and ticket if need be but it is something that we would like to avoid if possible.
We want all residents to enjoy the safety and beautiful settings we have here.  Please work with us in this regard.  If you see anyone breaking the laws, call the SaddleBrooke Two Patrol and let us know, so we can track down the violators.
Areas of concern:

  • 25 miles per hour posted speed limits
  • 10 miles per hour posted speed limits in all parking lots
  • Stop signs including those on Golf Cart paths
  • Be aware of resident activity on golf Cart, Bicycle and Pedestrian paths

Thank you for your interest in helping
SaddleBrooke Two Patrol Officer, Ron Rivas

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